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10 Best Tech Gadgets for Dogs

Have you ever pondered what your dog is up to when you’re not at home or how the world looks through his eyes when you're hiking together? Feeling guilty because you're often running late from work and your pooch is waiting for his dinner? 

With these high-tech devices designed with your pets in mind, help is at hand..

Here's in our opinion some of the coolest and most useful technology readily available to Australian dog lovers.

Petcube Camera pet video monitor and smartphone app
Many of us worry about our pets while we’re at work or out socialising or just running errands. 

The Petcube Camera was one of the first products allowing pet owners to watch, talk to and play with their pet from their smartphone, no matter where they are and it has taken the US by storm!

It features a wide-angle (138º) camera along with real time HD video so you can see your pet easily. You can also talk to your pet as the camera has a built-in microphone and speaker. With the unique laser pointer toy you can play with your pet from your smartphone though this feature would mainly appeal to cats.

Through the Petcube App you can share cute photos of your dog taken from your smartphone or Petcube Camera via the social networks and meet fellow dog lovers.

RRP: US$149 (shipping is US$30). For more details, visit

Motorola Pets Focus 85-B pet video camera

The FOCUS 85-B from Motorola Pets is a pan & tilt pet (and home) video camera allowing you to monitor your pet whilst you're away.

Offering seamless control of your camera in the comfort of your hands, the FOCUS 85-B has a 200º pan, tilt and zoom camera, giving you more control of the whereabouts of your furry loved ones whilst the infrared night vision allows you to check up on your pooch at night.
Motorola Hubble App on screen
Motorola's Free Hubble App provides remote access wherever you are from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

With motion, sound and room temperature notifications to keep you up to date with your pet's day-to-day activities, stay connected with live HD streaming and capture events. Record straight from your device with cloud storage and capture images with a push of a button.

The two-way talk feature and voice activation with an integrated microphone lets you praise or discipline your pet from anywhere and keep an eye on what matters in your home. An easy set up with no complication, simply plug and download the Hubble app and you'll be ready to monitor your pet in just moments.

RRP: $199.95 from

Dalmatian wearing an Eyenimal Dog Videocam

The Eyenimal Dog Videocam is an outdoor waterproof video camera to record all your dog's adventures. 

It is a durable, lightweight (63g) camera, suitable for medium and larger dog breeds that attaches easily to a collar. With three recording modes and a built-in microphone it delivers quality video footage so you can finally experience your dog's world! 

The built-in flash memory holds 4GB of footage.

RRP: $249.95 from

Cattle dog wearing a GoPro Fetch dog harness

The GoPro Fetch dog harness can be used to capture the world from your pooch's point of view. 

Its rugged built and the washable, water-friendly material, means that your dog can swim, play and get dirty without a worry. The soft padding will keeps your dog comfortable. 

This harness features two mounting locations for a variety of perspectives: the chest, for bone-chewing, digging and front-paw action, and the back, for over-the-head shots of running, jumping, fetch and more. 

Fully adjustable to fit small, medium and large breed dogs from 7 to 54 kg. The chest mount is removable for smaller dogs.

RRP: $89 (does not include camera or dog) at

Dog wearing The Pod GPS pet tracker
An Australian invention, The Pod is the world’s smallest and lightest GPS pet tracker. The Pod - which is a size of a cork and weighs just 29 grams, is cylindrical and can be strapped onto your dog or cat to track its movements. 

Designed to attach to any size collar it will let you locate your pet on demand, monitor their activity and record their adventures on your smartphone or computer.

The Pod smallest and lighest GPS pet tracker
The “Locate Now” button on the App allows you to request your pet’s current position and displays it on a map in real time, no matter if they’re outdoors or indoors. Setting up your “Safe Zone” enables you to protect your pet with a virtual fence that sends you an escape alert when they run away.

The Pod also automatically records your pet’s activity level (rest, walk and run), allowing you to monitor their health and fitness.

RRP: $249 from Petbarn, City Farmers stores. 

For more details, visit

FitBark red bone-shaped dog activity monitor

FitBark is a colourful bone-shaped health and fitness tracker that attaches to your dog's collar to monitor his daily activity. 

FitBark fetches (or collects) data 24/7 and syncs whenever your dog is within the Bluetooth range of your Smartphone; you could also use the optional WiFi Base Station.

Your dog’s FitBark is an activity monitor similar to a human Fitbit however it measures activity counts called "BarkPoints" rather than calories.

FitBark Explore is the latest interface and a first-of-its-kind open source data hub for canine health, providing you with both a daily and weekly summary measuring your dog's activity versus dogs of similar age, size and breed worldwide. 

Available in Red, Blue, Pink, Green or Grey. Read our detailed product review here...

RRP: US$80.95 at

Dog automatic feeder with LCD clock

Your working schedule may be unpredictable however you still should keep your pet on a regular feeding schedule.

This feeder is easy to use and can be programmed to an 8, 12 or 24 hour feeding cycle. At a preset time, the cover will open for the first feeding and a pre-recorded voice message will be played to let your dog know it is feeding time.

The dish contains 4 large trays (working with wet or dry food), each tray will remain open until the next programmed feeding time. With the 4 separate trays if your pet eats once a day then you can use the feeder for 4 days, if he/she eats twice a day then you can use it for 2 days, or if your pet eats 4 times a day then it will be suitable for 1 day.

You can also remove the cover and use the ice chamber as a water bowl. 
The easy to use control panel with LCD clock features a built-in microphone and speaker. 

This Model PF-05 measures 32cm in diametre but larger models are also available.

Price: $84.95 from

Dog and cat using the Eyenimal Intelligent Pet Bowl XL
Eyenimal Intelligent Pet Bowl XL is the first pet bowl in the world with integrated scales which enables you to control the food and/or water quantity you give to your pet. It even won the Gold Award for cats and dogs categories at the 2013 Animal Expo in Paris!

You can pour food directly in your pet’s bowl and immediately adjust the food quantity recommended for his diet. With up to 45% of dogs and 40% of cats suffering from obesity in Australia, this product can assist you in feeding your pets the right amount each and every time.

The bowl capacity is 
1.8 litre (approximately 800 grams of dry food). The LCD screen makes programming both easy and quick.

RRP: $59.95 from

Cat and dog drinking from Pioneer Ceramic Big Max Pet Fountain
Pet water fountains are recommended by vet urinary specialists as they encourage water intake and proper hydration in healthy dogs and cats.

The Pioneer Ceramic Big Max Pet Fountain means both dogs and cats can drink from the same bowl without leftover offensive smells and saliva - water is recycled and cleaned by the filter and flows freely into the bowl, ensuring their water retains its freshness and urging your pets to drink water more often.

This model holds 3.7 litre and is ideal for multi-pets households. Another great feature is that it completely disassembles for cleaning (even the motor is removable) and all parts (excluding pump) are dishwasher safe.

Made from durable black ceramic, this modern design will fit in any home décor.

RRP: $158.00 at

Man showering Golden Retriever using Oster's Hydrobath outdoors

The Oster's HydroBath is a revolution in pet bathing. It will save you money on a professional dog wash and you can use it whenever you want!

This "all-in-one" wet, wash and rinse dog bathing solution was designed to reduce bathing time. No more filling the tub, no more water everywhere. Thanks to its all-in-one Injectair® technology, you can use the spray nozzle to wet, shampoo and rinse without having to stop to open a shampoo bottle - saving time, water and money.

You can connect it to a bath/laundry or outdoor taps or your showerhead. 
The long 3m hose makes it easier to reach all areas which is perfect for large dogs.

The Oster Rapid Bathing System should ideally be used with the Oster Rapid Bath cartridges however other it works perfectly well with any brand of your preferred shampoo.

RRP:$75.00 from

Petsafe Passport Intelligent Dog Door - Tech Gadget for Pets

With its advanced entry and exit technology, Petsafe Passport™ Intelligent Dog Door provides freedom and peace of mind. The Passport offers advanced selective entry and exit for up to 20 dogs, multiple access options (such as in-only access and out-only access), and the option to only allow access at specific times of the day.

The Dog Door reads the Passport™ Key worn on your dog's collar using RFID technology. When your dog approaches, the door will read the unique ID of the key and the flaps will unlock, allowing your dog to enter or exit. This allows access to only your programmed dogs while helping keep out other pets, wild animals, pests and strays. 

Dog exiting through Passport Intelligent Dog Door

It can be installed into wooden doors, brick walls (with Passport™ Wall Entry Kit) and PVC / Metal but is not suitable for installation into glass or patio / sliding doors. 

The Passport Intelligent Dog Door is mains powered and if you do not have mains close to the unit, you will need to purchase a battery unit separately (RRP $87).

The flap dimensions are 24.5cm x 33.76cm making the door suitable for medium-sized dogs (up to 23kg and up to 50cm shoulder height).

RRP: $389.95 from


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