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Valentine's Day Gifts for your Dog

If  there is anyone you can always count on for unconditional love, it is our furry friends and Valentine's Day is the perfect time to shower our four-legged besties with a little extra love and care.
Though the most precious gift you can give them is your time, extra cuddles, tummy rubs and behind-the-ear scratches, here are some additional ideas to treat your best buddy this Valentine's Day.

#1. Pink Plush Toy

Meet Flo the Flamingo which comes in an Extra Large size for extra cuteness!

This adorable Pinkish Flamingo can entertain your dogs and make their day better! They can play around with the flamingo, sometimes kiss it, sometimes bite it and who does not want a picture like that to share on social media?

The FuzzYard Flo the Flamingo pet toy is made from premium non-toxic acrylic plush which means safety for your dog as he/she chews through it, as well as 
being machine washable to keep it fresh and clean every time.

RRP: $45.95 from

#2. Posh Pink Bed

Is your pet’s pad in need of an upgrade? 

Oscar & Lulu's Frankie Pink Dog Bed is made from faux cowhide fabric, co-ordinated with gorgeous bright colours (more are available upon request). Both fabrics are lovely and soft to touch, while being extremely durable, with a commercial durability rating.

Oscar & Lulu's inserts are designed and made in Australia: the cover is made from cotton, which makes it longer lasting, then filled with premium 'A' grade polyester filling which is both flea and mildew resistant. All covers are stitched in heavy duty thread and zippered for easy take on/off.

This bed comes in 3 sizes: Small, Medium, Large. This design is a
lso available as a "Coverlet" or  a "Cover Only" option.

RRP: from $210 (bed) or $130 (cover only) at

#3. Pink Water Bowls

Although food and water may just be daily necessities, why not give it some flair all year around with a new pink-themed water bowl?

These exciting new dog bowls from DOGUE with skulls and cross bones are scary yet pretty as well as solid and functional. Available in small (14cm) and large (18cm).

RRP: $22.95-$26.95. For details, visit

#4. Cute Heart ID Tag

Has your pet’s ID tag seen better days or have you moved recently and your details are no longer current? Do you fancy a tag with a love motif? If so, you’re in luck as this glitter heart ID tag from Pet Tags comes in pink or purple.    

These Glitter ID tags are made from nickel (with epoxy coated images for extra protection) and are guaranteed for 5 years against breakage, and for life against fading. The back can be engraved with 4 lines of text you specify during checkout. 

Tags are the size of a 20 cent coin and the price includes tag, engraving and free shipping.
RRP: $16.95. For details, visit

#5.  Sophisticated Bow Tie

Photo Credit: twoguineapigs pet photography

This red polka dot design from Oh Jaffa is perfectly polished for an evening date out on the town!

The Bow Tie is handmade in Australia from 100% cotton designer fabric, layered with interfacing for form & durability. It attaches to the collar with 2 Velcro straps for easy attachment and removal. 
Put safety first and never leave your pup unattended, as collars, bow ties and leashes are hazardous to your pup’s health if swallowed.

Available in four sizes from Small to Large but it can also be customised upon request.

RRP: from $40 from the OhJaffah shop

#6. Yummy Valentine’s Dog Treats

Oh so scrumptious and delicious… What pet could say no? There are treats you can buy or those you can make yourself to spoil your pet with something special. If you don’t have time to bake, order it! Pictured here are the delicious Pooch Pops from Gourmet Dog Barkery.

A smooth Carob Coated Peanut Butter Treat on a chewy rawhide stick. This is a perfect gift or treat that will last longer than one bite, leaving your dog's taste buds wanting more...

RRP: $5.99 (pack of 2) at

#7. Eatable Valentine's Day Cards

Diamond Dog Food & Bakery have created a world first with their totally eatable Australian made (baked chicken biscuit) Wagalot cards for our best friends.

These cards are "Australia Post" perfect to send to a dog lover and there are nearly 200 designs to choose from, covering every occasion, not just Valentine's Day!

RRP:$5.99 from pet retailers and

#8. Pampering Time

Schedule a trip to your local dog grooming salon for a bath and a new style hair cut! Your pet will feel and smell better, and you get a break. 

Some groomers will come to you. Many will also happily use Valentine-themed bandanas or bows to celebrate the season of love and have a special package available that week-end!

#9. Cosy Date Night In

Yes, time is a precious gift. Your dog loves it, you’ll feel better afterwards and it’s also free...

Play with toys, take your dog for a long walk or to the offleash park to meet his playmates or just take a midday nap together: after all, it is Sunday... 

You and your dog(s) may also want to opt for a relaxing evening at home. You can cuddle up on the couch and watch a dog movie (our pack's favourites are Bolt and Up). 

Giving your furry friends some extra attention will make them feel special on Valentine’s Day.

#10. Valentine's Safety Tips

#1. Chocolate

Remember that chocolate is highly toxic for dogs (and cats) causing diarrhea, hyperactivity and seizures, even death... The darker the chocolate, the more dangerous it is so make sure your Valentine's chocolates are well out of reach...

#2. Alcohol

Never leave any unfinished glasses sitting on your counters, tables or around on the floor as alcohol is poisonous to animals.

#3. Candles

Flickering candles may create a romantic atmosphere but they can easily be toppled by a wagging tail and potentially burn your pet.

#4. Wrappings

If you've swapped pressies with your partner, throw out bows, ribbons and anything small that could present a choking hazard for your dog if he decides to swallow it.

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