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Zero Shock Coupler - EzyDog

The EzyDog Zero Shock Coupler is a leash coupler with a shock absorbing section, that allows you to walk two dogs tangle free and with ease.

As this sounded too good to be true, we had to put it to the test on one of our recent walks.


Both ends of the coupler have a Zero Shock section included.
 Zero Shock™ is the name given to EzyDog’s advanced shock absorbing component in the centre of the extension, that will both cushion and ease the pressure for both your dog and yourself.

The coupler is made from EzyDog’s proprietary blend of soft touch webbing, making it both strong and comfortable to touch.

This is essential if your dogs occasionally pull on their leads or in our case they will attempt to drag me along to meet every other dog on the street for 7 km... That's a lot of pulling and usually a very sore arm after our walks.

Admittingly, I had never used a double lead before and I thoroughly enjoyed our first walk free of tangles and without having to constantly swap hands. With two Malinois intent on sniffing everything on the ground, usually in opposite directions, the Coupler did certainly help as the dogs kept each other in line and the shock absorbing part did avoid minimise sudden jerks. 


Both ends feature an additional handle, which is positioned near each dog's collar, giving you quick and secure control over your dogs if required.

As another dog owner was approaching with a set of Rottweilers (on separate leads), these traffic control handles came in very handy, allowing me to pull our two dogs closer so that our respective packs could be kept well away from each other avoiding any potential incidents. His dogs were probably as non-aggressive as ours but we both decided not to put them to the test...

Our verdict is positive but I did find that our dogs had more power using one single lead rather than two separate ones and since their combined weight exceeds mine, this could potentially be an issue if they both decided to lurch forward.


  • Zero Shock Technology absorbs any sudden jolts
  • Made from proprietary Soft Touch™ Webbing
  • Traffic Control Handle located near the end of the coupler for close control of your dog in built-up areas
  •  2 colours available: Red or Black


RRP: $31.95 

For more details on the Zero Shock™ couplers and leashes, visit 


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