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TORUS Water Bowl 1L - Heyrex

You want peace of mind knowing that your pooch will always have an adequate supply of clean drinking water to stay hydrated, especially during our Australian hot summers.

Torus Water Bowls are a fresh new way to ensure your dog (or cat) drinks clean water at any time. The Torus water bowl has a concealed reservoir which automatically dispenses fresh water while your dog drinks. 


  • Central water well automatically replenishes as your dog drinks
  • Stores 1L which is enough water for a day's supply for smaller dog breeds (and cats) - a 2L version is available
  • The thick walls of the bowl keep your dog’s water cooler for longer
  • A replaceable filter freshens the water 
  • The water is sealed in the reservoir, meaning it stays clean 
  • The drinking level is set low to reduce splashing
  • A low profile on the bowl makes it exceptionally stable
  • Sealed water in the reservoir won’t spill
  • Fill the reservoir, turn the cap to lock, and you can take your Torus anywhere which makes it a great travel accessory
Easy to maintain, the bowl can be cleaned with warm, soapy water or vinegar. You can also purchase sterilising tablets every two to three months to descale.

Each bowl comes with a filter which will last one month and replacement filter packs are available.

Made from BPA-free food grade materials, t
he Torus bowls come with a 12-month warranty.


RRP: from $74.99 (1L bowl) at

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