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Digger Dog Nail File: Trimming Made Easy

If your pooch is not a regular visitor at the grooming salon and also not a fan of you attempting to trim their nails, then you will definitely see a need for a product like the DiggerDog Nail File.

This idea came about after the inventor had many unsuccessful attempts to trim her own dog’s nails with clippers then a rotary-type tool and a visit to her local vet proved no less difficult thanks to a most uncooperative dog. We can relate ...

The aim of this innovative Australian device is to make the process of trimming the nails on your dog’s front paws easy (since your dog does his own nail trimming) and it should soon become an enjoyable experience for him as treats are involved!

You will need a little bit of patience and a quiet environment to teach your dog how to use the DiggerDog Nail File but it is fairly simple.

How does the DiggerDog Nail File work?

1. Use your dog’s favourite treats and put a few in the compartment in front of him.

2. Slide the lid open and let him eat a few so that he starts equating the Nail File with food rewards.

3. Reduce to one treat and start leaving the sliding lid ajar so that he can just see it. He should then attempt to touch or scratch this area to obtain his treat and you must reward him immediately.

4. Depending on the dog, he will soon realise that scratching the Nail File even when the lid is closed yields him a treat and you should encourage him to scratch daily to embed the concept. Some dogs really take to it and start “digging” which is why the Nail File comes with two mats for indoor use to protect your floors.

Digger Dog Nail File - Main Features:

  • Removable Tube which can be attached to the Nail File with the four screws provided. This enables you to dispense dry kibble and it can also be used as a handle to open and close the treat compartment if you can’t or don’t want to sit on the floor next to your dog. 
  • Anti-slip mats (2) for indoor use, which will protect your floors should the digging become a little too intense and your dog steps off the Nail File! 
  • Small sample bag of dry kibble to be used in conjunction with the removable tube. 
  • CD with step-by-step instructions and videos of other dogs demonstrating the product.
  • Available in Red or Blue 

Price & Where to Buy:

RRP: $175.00 (includes free postage in Australia)

For more details, visit 

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