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DOGlite range of LED collars, leashes and harnesses

DOGlite has released a complete range of collars, leashes and harnesses integrating LED technology with high quality materials to produce durable and comfortable accessories.

DOGlite products are designed for everyday use, illuminating at the push of a button to enhance pet awareness and safety while increasing the fun factor for you and your dog.

Most dogs don't even realise the light is on as it is behind their line of sight and illuminates from the neck down and back. DOGlite products have two settings: "On" and "Slow Flash" mode. If you find that your dog is irritated by the LED light, simply refrain from use of the "Slow Flash" mode and enjoy a steady glow.

The Mini Dog (XS) and One Way (S) collections are perfect for small dogs whilst the Double Trouble and Northern Lights ranges will suit medium to large breeds.

DOGlite products (excluding Pendant) are not waterproof. It is not recommended to submerge these products in water and they are not suitable for swimming.


RRP: from $43.95 for the Double Trouble LED Dog Harness (now with Chest Attach option reducing pulling).

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