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Christmas Gifts for Dogs and Dog Lovers

It's starting to look a lot like Christmas! If you have not yet planned your furkid's Christmas stocking, we hope some of these ideas will inspire you. 

Did you know that often the best way to tire your dog is to exercise his brain through stimulating games and learning new skills?

Kyjen offers a range of puzzle toys that help slow down how quickly your dog eats and are perfect for occupying & challenging his cognitive skills & enriching his environment. 

The Kyjen Paw Flapper, Star Spinner & Treat Triad games work on your dog's instinctively enjoying the challenge of foraging for food in ways that come naturally in the wild.

The Treat Triad™ is a multi-function puzzle toy. Dogs must first learn to rotate the top spinner to unlock the three treat covers. Once unlocked, the dog must figure out how to lift the covers to expose the treats underneath. Treats may also be dropped directly through small holes.
RRP: $22. For more information, visit

The Foobler is a self-reloading puzzle feeder that delivers kibble or treats only after your dog hears the bell.

The timer can be set at 4 different intervals (15, 30, 60 or 90 minutes). The toy is weighted to make it wobble and the kibble falls out of a hole when it is rolled around by your dog. 

The Foobler holds up to 2 cups of kibble so if you’re always coming home late from work, this ensures your dog does not go hungry all day… 
It’s also handy on rainy days when you can’t take your dog for a walk but would like to provide some mental stimulation. 

RRP: $49. For more details, visit

The "I want everything for Christmas" Hamper from Barking Obito is the ultimate Christmas present for the health-conscious dog (or rather their owner). This hamper of wheat-free dog treats comes with four 300g packs of their Obito Signature range, which only uses fresh and natural ingredients:
  • Skin Temptation (Salmon, FlaxSeed & Purple Carrot)
  • Calm Sensation (Sardines, Peanuts & Pumpkin seeds)
  • Veggie Booster (Kale, Green Beans & Peas) 
  • Belly Soother (Pumpkin, Ginger & Turmeric) 
  • 1 medium pack of Dehydrated Chicken Curry 
  • 1 complimentary Christmas stocking for your dog
Or you could also select their Barkmas Mini Hamper and any of the flavours are also available as an individual pack. 

Regular customers can register for their rewards program to earn treats and a chance to win a surprise Barkday (birthday) box of goodies for their pooch.

RRP: $89.95 from

IdPet's Personalised Christmas Gift Packs are the perfect all-in-one gifts to spoil your pooch. 

IdPet-Dog-Christmas-Gift-PackTheir treat bag – featuring your pet’s name on the front - will be sure to get your dog tail wagging this Christmas. Gift packs come with hand-baked Christmas shaped mini treats and a soft Gingerbread Man squeaky toy for play.

Gift Packs are available in one size (20cm x 24cm) for $32.95 or items can be purchased separately. 

Please allow 7-10 days for delivery as the treat bags are custom made. Last date for Christmas orders is 12th of December. 

For more information, please visit the IdPet website

KookieBox is the latest in monthly subscription box services for your dog and you can expect four or more handpicked, high-quality items, including anything from nutritious treats, stimulating toys, cool accessories to hygiene products.

KookieBox works with local Australian suppliers for their edible products to ensure their treats are human-grade and safe for your furry friends. They also donate a percentage of their profits to actively support rescue groups all over Australia. 

1. Fill in some details about your dog size and any special requirements (e.g. allergies).

2. Choose your plan (a one-off box for Christmas or a regular treat for your pooch).
3. Expect a beautifully wrapped box to be delivered to your door around the 5th of the month. It’s that simple! 

Plans start from $47/month with free shipping. For details, visit the KookieBox website.

Elevated food and water bowls are a fantastic idea especially if these are normally left outside: you’ll avoid the creepy crawlies and they’re pretty funky too!

The Hepper NomNom Dish adds style, form and function to your pooch’s meal time. It looks like a work of art, keeps your floors spotless and makes your pet's food completely ant proof.

It comes with 2 stainless steel bowls for food+water, dry+wet, dinner+dessert, or whatever you choose! The wide lip on the tray is designed to catch stray kibble or drips or it can be filled with water to prevent ants and insects from getting into your dog's food. 

It is available in three bright colours: Blue, Grey and Green with RRP $54.95.

For more information, visit the Peticular website 


The Joseph Lyddy Pet Indulgence Slow Feeder Bowl is specifically designed to assist in slowing down the eating habits of your dog. The melamine bowl is Australian designed and is also non-slip. Available in three colours: orange, white and black.

For details, visit the Joseph Lyddy website 

This stylish Urban Denim Lounge Bed from San Francisco-based Pet Lifestyle & You (P.L.A.Y.) makes the ultimate Christmas present. 

Your dog loves the feel of denim, which is why he loves sitting on your lap and resting his head on your knees. This bed features soft, yet tough denim material with a stylish trim. The elevated sides create a perfect resting place for your dog’s head, providing the ultimate cosy retreat.

The bed is filled with the perfect amount of eco-friendly PlanetFill® to create the ultimate comfort. Cleaning will be a breeze as both the removable cover and filler can be thrown into the washer and dryer.

RRP $169.95. For details, visit the Peticular website.

Make a donation to your favourite dog rescue shelter or charity organisation on behalf of your dog – yours is having a wonderful holiday with his family but giving a shelter dog a good Christmas is important too! 


At just $15 the Doggie Rescue 2016 Calendar from Monika's Rescues is the perfect gift for an Australian Dog Lover and they are the main fundraiser for this amazing no-kill Sydney shelter. 

For details, visit

With the RSPCA's Guardian Angel project you can make a real difference to homeless and abused animals by making a donation or gifting one to a friend this Christmas. 
For details, visit

With the long days of summer lying ahead, your pooch will be spending a lot more time outdoors and you may even take him for a swim at the beach!

You will be bathing him more frequently so why not upgrade your pooch’s shampoo and conditioner to a natural premium range, which does not break the piggy bank.


Smiley Dog’s Anti-Itch for Sensitive Skin Organic Oatmeal & Almond is a soap-free shampoo with aloe vera and is formulated to help relieve sensitive and dry skin issues such as hot spots’ and itching. This product is suitable for use with long-term flea control treatments.
RRP: $14.95 for 250ml 

Since it is Christmas, you can splurge on the matching Smiley Dog's Oatmeal & Almond Conditioner to recondition and detangle your dog's coat! It contains certified organic oatmeal extract and high quality 
Australian olive oil. RRP: $12.95 for 250ml

For more details, visit the Smiley Dog website 

Since you’re buying your dog lots of presents, why not write them a Christmas card as well? Non dog-owners already think you’re crazy anyway…

The aptly named Wagalot is a totally edible card for dogs, invented by an Australian company, Diamond Dog Food & Bakery. This new product is a delicious chicken biscuit and comes with a great choice of eye-catching images. 

It can be safely sent through Australia Post (unless your dog collects the mail). RRP $7.99

Available from Petbarn stores and the RSPCA in Victoria or visit

Maybe get your dog a toy that you wouldn’t normally get them – like that squeaky toy that is going to drive you crazy but they will love destroying. 

The Checker Chewy Vuiton Bone dog toy from Haute Diggity Dog is fashioned on the iconic designer brand of luxury handbag & travel goods manufacturer. 

This is the most recent design in the series of Chewy Vuiton dog toys. These are all the rage amongst designer-conscious dog owners and you can collect these as you would the original objects and keep your collection updated with the latest fashion.

They come in small or large size. RRP from $15.95


The Reindeer Sock Monkey Dog Toy is a cute Christmas squeaker toy and makes an easy filler for your dog’s Christmas stocking. 

It comes in only one size (21cm x 15cm) for $12.95

For inspiration on dog toys and pet apparel, visit the Coco & Pud website.

Why purchasing pet insurance is the best Christmas present you can give your fur baby…

We get it - they are not just your pets, they are your life. And when they get sick or injured, you would do anything to get them better. While vet treatment today gives more options than ever for getting your fur baby healthy again, the reality is that the cost of vet treatment can quickly and easily run into the thousands.That is why pet insurance is so important.

So rather than the latest bling or toy, give your pet a more meaningful gift this Christmas – the promise that you’ll always be able to give him/her the best treatment, no matter what.

Bow Wow Meow understand how stressful your pet’s illness can be and will go the extra mile to help you.

Currently rated the No.1 pet insurer on the independent website, they have put together this special offer for Australian Dog Lover readers.

To get your 1st month FREE, visit the Bow Wow Meow Insurance website and use your promo code NEWPET23 when you get your quote.

Pick up a new blinged out tag with up to date contact details – and while you are updating the tag, make sure that your dog's microchip details are up to date too!

We love Red Dingo tags for their wide range of designs, reasonable price and prompt delivery to your home and from personal experience, they last a very long time! 

Their Diamante range of engraved pet tags is made of polished stainless steel with Swarovski Zirconia and can be ordered from many vets and pet retail outlets. 

For more details, visit the Red Dingo website.

When it comes to your dog, the best present you can give is your time and undivided attention! 

Go on their favourite walk, let them take the time to sniff, make new friends at the local off-leash park and let them pee on all of the trees that they like.

Are you planning to spend these summer holidays by the beach? Not a fan of the dog making your car salty and sandy after every trip? 

This is how this product came about four years ago and it may be the best present idea for you (sorry, your dog) this Christmas. 

These Dog Drying Coats (or Beach Robes) from SurfDog Australia are super absorbent, quick drying machines for wet dogs! There’s a tail hole for your dog’s comfort and best of all, they actually look cool and could feature in the next episode of Bondi Beach! 

Available in sizes from XS to Large with price starting from $39.95. For an extra A$24, each robe can be embroidered with your dog’s name.

For details, visit the Surf Dog Australia website

The DOGUE Bones dog collars are made of soft supple leather yet are strong and great to wear. 


They are available in five popular colours: red, pink, navy, fuschia and blue with a range of sizes from 32cm-65cm to fit any breed.

For the fashion-conscious, DOGUE Bones collars look great with their leads in matching colours.

RRP from $18.50

For more details, visit the DOGUE website

Squeaker Poochlight UFO pendant light is the paw-fect accessory to collars or harnesses for extra safety on your early morning or nightly walk. 

They can be viewed from a distance of up to 1 km and may help prevent a dangerous collision with cyclists, pedestrians and cars. 

These LED pendant lights come in 7 different colours and are also water resistant. You can choose from 3 flashing modes or a static glow function and the battery should last up to 30 hours. 

RRP: US$9.95.
Grab yours at

More than Paws Santa’s Little Helper Bandana Collar is a red Christmas bandana with a solid collar and stainless steel buckle to add a little bit of sparkle.


Santa’s Little Helper bandanas are made with a collar within a cotton bandana. 

They are super tough and the perfect accessory for the Christmas celebrations!

Available in 3 sizes: small, medium and large

RRP: $26.95

For more ideas on Christmas outfits, visit

By this stage, you will be very envious of your pooch's hoard and may be thinking "what about me, it isn't fair..."?

For a lasting memory of your best friend why not book a special photo shoot with a pet photographer, have a creative portrait painted or a special medal engraved with your dog's unique features?

London Engraver’s world renowned Master Hand Engraver Ray Hood calls Adelaide home and will create an exquisite hand-engraved portrait of your pet (dog, cat or any other animal) copied exactly from the photo supplied.


This is a truly bespoke item of jewellery as Ray engraves each hair individually, by hand, to really capture the essence of your pet and to guarantee a genuine likeness, meaning it's not just a generic breed image. Every commission is unique and will last a lifetime. 

Each disc is 32mm wide and 2mm thick and is available in sterling silver, 9ct or 18ct gold. 

RRP: $845 for Sterling Silver, $1870 for 9ct Yellow Gold

More details at

The Zazzle online shop gives you access to thousands of dog photos, dog pop art, quotes and dog breed custom wrapped canvas prints. The only trouble is to find the perfect one for you and your pooch!

They are all made to order and prices will vary depending on size from small (25 x 20cm) to extra large (127 x 101cm) to make a statement! You can also add your own images and text to your custom canvas for free.

For details, visit the Zazzle website.

Gourmet Pawprints wants you to bring your dog on a winery tour! 

These tours combine food, wine (for you only) and walks for a fun day out with your pooch and you will explore some of the great wine regions of Victoria (Yarra Valley, Dandenong, Daylesford etc.)

New dates have just been released for early 2016 but hurry as these get booked out quickly! If you can't make up your mind just yet, they also offer a range of gift certificates valid for a 6-month period.

For more details, visit

Still unsure what to buy for your beloved furkid? Why not check out our recent post on "Cool Summer Accessories For Your Dog" for more ideas?

Happy Christmas shopping from the Australian Dog Lover pack!


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