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WashBar NZ - Daily Spritzers for Dogs

We know that dogs will be dogs and will roll in the most inappropriate of things at the worst possible time! And sometimes bathing is not that convenient...

Now you can freshen up your pet and his surroundings without having to get the dog wet. WashBar's new daily sprizer range is perfect to keep your pooch smelling fresh between baths, when it’s too wet, too cold or just not convenient to wash him.

You can also use the daily spritzers as a general air freshener to refresh their bedding and your senses – ideal for that entrenched ‘doggy’ smell in the carpet, on the couch, bed or even in the car. They contain no synthesized perfumes or nasty alcohol to irritate sensitive skin on dogs or humans! Three unique blends were developed to appeal to just about everyone. 

Even blokes like the smell of Citrus+Manuka and won’t complain that you’ve made their dog smell girly!

What is this fresh smell? Wait a minute... It's me!

Citrus+Manuka – zesty fresh

This "bloke-friendly" fragrance will leave your dog smelling zesty fresh. Manuka pure essential oil helps combat skin irritation and infections, while Lemon Myrtle pure essential oil deodorises the coats and refreshes the senses. Your dog will now smell business-like and fresh between washes!

Lavender+Primrose - nourishes and soothes

Packed full of lavender, this spritzer soothes your pet while the Evening Primrose oil helps nourish their coat. Let's face it, on cold wintry days you don't want to give your dog a bath especially if this procedure takes place outside. If your dog - like ours - has a thick undercoat and long hair, leaving him to dry naturally could take quite some time and like us, he could catch a cold.

Cue the Lavender + Primrose daily spritzer: after shaking the bottle, we just sprayed liberally our Tervueren's coat leaving him smelling deliciously sweet and fresh. Though not technically a detangler, we also found that the brush was now gliding a lot more smoothly through his coat. He still retained his natural curls though! We could definitely detect a strong natural Lavender scent but it's not overpowering and none of our dogs seemed to have an objection to it.

This product is also recommended for calming a stressed animal – before a trip to the vet, during fireworks, etc. Made with organically grown lavender from beautiful New Zealand.

Even if you use it infrequently, your daily spritzer can be stored a long time (3 years) if kept in a cool place.

WashBar partners with local New Zealand growers who share the same core values: they understand the importance of protecting the environment, growing the best possible quality ingredients and not using chemicals in the process.

For more information on their range of natural products which also includes shampoos and the Original WashBar Soap, visit

Price and Where to Buy

RRP: $24.99 (250ml) from PETstock stores nationally and also at

No store near you? Click here to find other retailers in your area.


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