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Field Day releases Pooch Peanut Butter

Dogs go nuts for Field Day’s DHA enriched Peanut Butter

Training our beloved four-legged friends can sometimes be a challenge, however, Australian-made and owned natural supplement company, Field Day, has made it easier with the launch of its newest addition to its range, the Pooch Peanut Butter.

Developed by Vet Nutritionist, Field Day's Emily Turner says many dogs are lacking in DHA, an essential Omega-3 fatty acid contained in Field Day’s Pooch Peanut Butter.

“Whilst our feline friends’ diets typically consume adequate amounts of DHA thanks to the fish proteins and oils commonly found within cat food, studies have shown that our dogs aren’t getting enough of this nutrient source in their diets, especially puppies,” says Emily.

Emily suggests incorporating DHA rich foods into your furry friend’s diet from a young age to further help with brain development and health as DHA is a major building block in the brain, and healthy neuron function is directly dependent on our dog’s diet.

“DHA is found in high amounts of breast milk, so as puppies are feeding with their mothers they are getting the appropriate levels they need to develop. Once puppies are weaned and go to their forever homes, DHA needs to be incorporated into weekly meals and treats to ensure they continue to develop properly,” Emily adds.

“Treats such as peanut butter can also be easily incorporated into our pooches' diet, such as making energy balls for your pooch when you’re making your own.”

Emily adds that DHA has been shown to support brain, heart, eye and immune health in dogs of all ages. It also aids in relieving allergies, enhancing joint health and improving inflammatory conditions.

Leading Animal Behaviourist, Sophie Allan also suggests using peanut butter as a treat in stimulating toys such as lick-mats or a KONG, which has proven benefits for relieving anxiety for dogs and keeping them calm.

“Peanut Butter is seen as a high-value treat when training. The delicious nutty smell gains their attention quickly and the reward will be sure to get them to sit, stop barking or halt, whatever you require when training.

Field Day’s Pooch Peanut Butter is enriched with Algae Oil, a plant-based omega that is rich in DHA, making it a healthy treat for training your dog, whilst fuelling their bodies with much-needed nutrients,” says Sophie.

“Placing peanut butter in a squeezy tube is a great way to quickly and easily give a treat to a dog training in a muzzle. It is especially helpful if a dog will be left at home alone for extended periods of time, to deter them from whining or barking by keeping them occupied and happy.”

Catering to all pooches, ages and breeds, Field Day’s Pooch Peanut Butter is the perfect training and treat essential and one to add to your shopping list.

Price & Where to Buy:

RRP: $9.95 ($0.60 per serve*) from

*Average serving size is based on an average-sized dog (15-20kg).

About Field Day:

Field Day is an Australian range of natural and functional products created with a vet nutritionist to improve the health and wellbeing of dogs to maintain peak condition and nutrition from the inside out.

Taking a stance against preservatives, additives, GMO ingredients and harsh chemicals, Field Day’s supplement products are made from human-grade, real whole foods and only the gentlest of nourishing ingredients are featured within its care range.

With a belief that high quality nutrition and health products are key to helping dogs live their best lives, Field Day’s scientifically formulated products promote energy, vibrancy and shine to make sure your dog is ready to take on the day, nose first and all paws in.

Field Day’s entire range of products can be purchased at PETstock, Pet Circle, Pet Culture, Wonderpets and Habitat stores nationwide and online. 

For more information please visit

MEDIA RELEASE, 25th November 2021

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