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Pawprides Launches Leather Dog Leash

Taking care of our pets is more than just food and water. It is the endless time spent loving, caring, exercising and training to ensure our dogs are happy and healthy. 

A happy dog is a happy owner, and that is what drives the team behind Pawprides.

About Pawprides

Pawprides is a collaboration formed between two childhood friends, Jalen and Sean. They spent their youth exploring the natural bushland surrounding their hometown of Ayr - a small country town in tropical North Queensland, Australia. No matter where their adventures took them, their pet dogs were always by their side.

This passion for sharing the outdoors with his canine friends would take Jalen to Canada where he established a dog training company and gained immense knowledge in canine behavioural management.

Unsatisfied with the suitability of the leashes on the market for dog training, Jalen and Sean set out to develop a durable leash specifically designed for ethical dog behavioural management. Hence, Pawprides was born.

Introducing the Pawprides Leather Dog Leash

1. Why Leather?

Once popular, leather has become less common in dog products like the leash. Sadly, cheap and colourful leashes have become the norm. The Founders believe in leather leashes due to a variety of factors that stem from a trainer's perspective. After all, when your dog is on leash, your dog is in training.

2. Durability

Leather leashes are not impervious to chewing but can withstand up to 110kg of tension before failure! A treated leather dog leash will stand up to all the elements and become more comfortable as time passes. The Pawprides leash is double stitched and riveted for extra strength.

3. Better Grip & Control

Leather leashes provide great grip stability and is less likely to slip through your hands. If a leather leash gets wet it doesn't become slippery like a nylon dog leash. Most trainers will require or recommend a leather leash for control when it comes to obedience training.

4. Comfort

Leather is by far the most comfortable in hand, especially on long walks. Nylon can irritate the skin over time especially if you have a puller. The best part is as time goes on, the leather will soften more without losing its durability!

  • Colour - Brown 
  • Length - 4ft (1.22m)
  • Width - 0.75 inches (1.90cm)
  • Material - Leather 

5. Added Strength 

The Pawprides Leather Dog Leashes are doubled stitched to ensure full control of any dog any size! There are two rivets in the clasp end for added security.

They can be used with most common collars and harnesses.

With a rise in dog ownership in Australia, Pawprides founders want to spread awareness on correct care and handling through dog training techniques. In their experience, leather leashes are the best by far for the owner and their dog.

Through correct care and training tools, our dogs can grow into the canine they're meant to be. This is the drive behind Pawprides.  

Price & Where to Buy:

RRP: $48.99 at  

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MEDIA RELEASE, 21st February 2020

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