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Halloween Dog Costumes, Treats & Toys

Halloween heralds this time of year when we can be kids all over again, at least for one night... It gives us an excuse to let loose and play dress up in all things ghoulish and creepy!

Though some of you may think that dressing up your dog is taking it one step too far, it is becoming increasingly popular whilst in the USA, it is already big business for retailers!

It is fair to say that not all dogs enjoy playing “dress-up” and if your dog appears unhappy or uncomfortable about the whole process, it’s not worth causing him any distress. Watch his body language closely for cues that he may not find his costume as cute as you do and please make sure he can both breathe and move normally...

For the fashionistas of the canine world, we have put together our favourite costumes, accessories and treats to throw a pawsome Halloween party with your pooches!

Is your pooch a little devil? This outfit with black satin cape with white and red trim will match their personality! It also features a hood with eye mask and sparkly red horns and a cute tail. This is the perfect costume for Halloween, dress ups or just for fun!

It comes in many sizes to suit from Chihuahuas to large Staffies, small German Shepherds.

RRP: from $31.50 at

Get 10% off all costumes using the code SPOOKY at the checkout!

This Spidey dog costume is made from lightweight plush black faux fur, complete with very realistic bendable legs! The hood has two antenna and large eyes. Velcro closures are located neat the neck and tummy to ensure the perfect fit. Very cute!

This outfit comes in a range of 11 sizes (35cm up to 70cm).

RRP: from $35 at

This Skeleton Bones dog costume also glows in the dark for extra spookiness! Dress your dog up for Halloween, just for fun or any other special occasion! This costume is also great to use as fun dog pyjamas. 

Available in sizes from Chihuahuas to Labradors.

RRP: $36.95 at

What would Halloween night be without pumpkins?

Turn him or her into a pumpkin for the day... and a cute one at that! This costume is bright orange with green felt leaf around the neck and at the top of the hood. It also has that classic pumpkin face "cut out" look printed on the back.

This model comes in 12 sizes from 15cm up to 70+cm.

RRP from $30 at

Dun, dun… dun, dun… Your pooch will be acting like anything but a fish out of water while wearing The Furry Fin Shark Dog Costume by Pet Threads

Featuring fins, a tail and a hood with material teeth, we're not sure this costume will freak anyone out but it sure is very cute and very Australian!

Available in sizes from XS to XXL.

RRP: $14.98 from

If you grew up during the 80's, the original Ghostbusters movie franchise will bring back some fond memories! And if your dog shares your nostalgia and "ain’t fraid of no ghost!" then this could be the perfect dog outfit…

This officially licensed Ghosbusters dog costume comes with a yellow jacket (Velcro tabs at the chest and one sleeve for each front leg) and an inflatable proton pack. So now, "who you're gonna call?"

Available in 4 sizes (Small, Medium, Large, X-Large)

RRP: $21.99 from

Probably the easiest look to recreate at home especially if -like us - you have limited design skills, no sewing machine and a tendancy to leave things to the last minute! 

Rummage through your manchester cupboard until you find a white sheet or bath towel (the older the better...) and after a few perfectly positioned openings to ensure your pooch can both breathe and see properly and VoilĂ ! One bespoke costume for Halloween, tick...

You could also introduce the Halloween theme if you select your dog’s accessories carefully.

Featuring a trendy pink and black sugar skulls print this
 Little Chica Hooded Harness by Bare Bones Pet Gear will set the tone and can also be worn any other time of the year!

This harness has a fully breathable mesh lining, perfect for hot summer days or nights! A matching leash is also available and you'll save 15% when you buy any combo.

Available in Medium, Large and X-Large.

RRP: $39 from

Howl-o-ween would not be complete without some yummy Howl-O-Cookies from Barking Obito for your dogs! 

These natural Halloween-themed dog treats are made with Australian Kangaroo mixed with delicious cranberries and they're guaranteed to make your dog howl for more!

Kangaroo is an ideal alternative protein for dogs suffering from food allergies and it's also low in fat. The addition of cranberries provides a boost of Vitamin C and E whilst helping to reduce the risk of urinary tract infection. 

RRP: from $12.95 (100g) from

Halloween is all about "Trick or Treat" so why not one for the other? If you'd like your dog to perform a cool trick, maybe you should give him one of these cool treats first...

Each bag of Ooga Boogas dog biscuits by Sassy Treats contains one pumpkin (carrot and pumpkin flavoured), one ghost (spinach flavoured) and one bat (beetroot and tomato flavoured)! These dog treats only use natural ingredients including free range eggs and wild honey. You may want to buy more than one bag and sample them too!

RRP: $7.00 at

If you're after something more substantial for your pooch's dinner, why not order some Pumpkin Pie to get them into the festive spirit! This Special however is a little tricky as it's actually made with sweet potatoes and not pumpkin! 

This super healthy meal also includes lean beef, borlotti beans, kidney beans, quinoa, mung dahl, split peas, lentils, fresh carrots and kelp and more!

RRP: $7.00 (250g) or $14.00 (600g) at

Meet "Captain Fangtastic","Frank" and "Mummy", the all new Halloween sticks from DOOG: they're creepy and they're spooky and available for a limited time only!

These fetching sticks are made from recycled rubber and are a much safer alternative for your dog to fetch than a real stick, which can damage their teeth and gums.

Their eyes glow in the dark, they float in water and they'll make a perfect gift for your pet this Halloween and beyond! 

Note: These dog toys are not designed for chewing (fetching only). 

RRP: $14.95 from
If you're still not excited about celebrating Halloween, here's another suggestion for you!

Tricks for Treats is RSPCA NSW’s annual call for rewards and amusement for the animals in its care while they wait for their furever families. Everyone is encouraged to donate pet-friendly treats and toys in the lead up to October 31st. So instead of stocking up on sweets and lollies, why not buy treats and toys for animals in RSPCA shelters instead?

While treats are used as a reward system for training, toys provide comfort and stimulation for animals staying in an unfamiliar environment. Your treats and toys for dogs and cats can be dropped off at any RSPCA NSW shelter or care centre across New South Wales.

Of course the whole theme of Halloween is to be a little bit scary – however if you have a nervous or reactive dog, keep in mind that this night could be quite difficult for them. 

If you’re expecting "trick or treaters" to come knocking on your door it may be worth taking a peek outside first to see who is visiting. Unexpected noises can trigger anxiety in dogs and if your pooch starts barking or becomes afraid, it may be safer to move him to a different part of the house until he calms down.

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